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Cake Fun: Happy Groundhog Day

Well it was all excitement and fun today in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania; the Groundhog Day festivities were in full swing. And of course our pal Phil was at his weather work as usual. “Six more weeks of winter” he says, “Now take me back to the library, it’s cold out here!” Yes Punxsutawney Phil is not your average groundhog, he is a local (national and international) celebrity! He is just fine to hang out at the Punxsutawney Library and Groundhog Zoo all year with his special friend and make his yearly apprearance on February 2nd.

Some of us were celebrating this unique event a bit before today. Thanks to the folks at Fezell’s Country Market – Sweets & S’morsels Cakery plus friends had a great day of cupcaking and cookie baking in preparations for the Groundhog Day event!  With a batch a chocoalte “groundhog” cupcakes  and “groundhog” shaped sugar cut out cookies, Groundhog Day will be a blast!

Chocolate "groundhog" cupcakes with lots of frosting cheeks and hair

'Phil' and friends cupcakes for Groundhog Day

Whether its coffee/tea and cake or cookies and milk, warm up – we’ve got six more weeks of winter ahead. Enjoy your Groundhog Day celebration. And don’t worry Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the “cakery” has a load of birthday’s to post about too! So they’ll be even more candy, cake, sweets and s’morsels!

Groundhog or meerkat/prairie dog cut out cookies!