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Orange: Bright, vibrant and zesty

I know what you are thinking, what is so vibrant about this. Well, we had another birthday this past week. It needed to be orange – it needed to be vibrant, and zesty. It needed to be an orange.

So with out the proper shaped pan – I went into experimentation mode – I used a glass bowl to bake the cake. It took awhile to bake and the white butter based cake was so dense (more on that later). But when it was all set and done. It was round and ready to be turned into one of the best fruits on earth.

What is so special about this cake is not that it was hard to do – it was hard to release from the bowl yes – but it was not a difficult task. While the cake baked in the oven I decided on a special frosting Vanilla Butter Cream frosting with real butter. Just whip it up and add some color and voila it is ready to adorn your cake. One the cake was done – and ready to ice, I went to work with the crumb coat and then to the freezer for 5 (min). Afterward, the orange icing coated this moist/dense white cake. With some orange sugar, a hint of green stem and naval this bright birthday cake was complete.

Since I was afraid it was too dry or dense I served it with Mango Water Ice, Orange and Rainbow Sherbet from Ice Cream World this cake was a huge success, tasty and zesty. And trust me there is NOTHING like buttercream icing with a real stick of butter it is delectable.

Tiger Lily Cake

Well here it is folks, the Featured Cake for August. See here at the cakery we love birthdays. Even more we love cake decorating. So this week is Sarah’s birthday. Sarah is a family friend. She is a great person, she loves people, she is quiet, friendly and well she likes the color orange.  So in the spirit of her “unrequest” for just an orange cake, we decided that we would try something different.  So we went with orange and black. Orange flowers and black vines. Two simple colors and Voilà!

Tiger Lily Cake

Sarah's 30th Birthday - Tiger Lily Cake

You have the “Tiger Lily Cake”.  If you don’t count the bottom border there are 30 flowers on the cake (oh and one for good luck)! Now I am suprised that this cake didn’t melt completely. It is still so hot here in the Lehigh Valley. But anyway this cake is a double layer white cake, with ganache fillinf in the center. If I had to do the cake over, I wold have included the piping gel to raise the mid sections of the flowers to make the tiger lily flowers just a bit more realistic. I coould add some green palm leaves but I may just have stuck with black palm leaves. I may do one again. But never the less. Happy 30th Birthday, Sarah!! I made you an “orange” Tiger Lily Cake.