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Birthdays: August and (July)

 Yes it is August and we have another birthday to share. Now, I am into cake, making cake, decorating cake, talking about cake, etc etc. But I must say this summer has been HOT even for Pennsylvania, just hot. Too hot frakly to be baking in a house like mine.

So I caved, well not caved but I just didn’t bake. I work in an ice cream shop – so I decorate ice cream cakes all day long. And its busy so why not get an ice cream cake for the summer birthdays. So here it is, a regular vanilla and chocolate ice cream cake with chocolate crunch in the center.

 And while I am at it, I cannot forget July birthdays either; almost a repeat of my birthday – we have mini gourmet cakes – Snickers and Peanut Butter Cup cakes. YUM!!!

Each one just covered in icing, chocolate, carmel, candy and all kinds of sweet drizzles and topped with nothing other than a cherry! So happy, happy summer birthdays. Stay tuned for another August birthday in a few weeks. Will it be cake, ice cream cake, cupcakes or ???? We’ll just have to wait and see!! So stay cool (if you can) this August and savor the rest of this summer month.

Welcome to the Cakery!!

Heart of America

July 2009 Featured Cake - The Heart of America

So welcome to Sweets & S’morsels Cakery(AKA “The Cakery”).

We’re just a couple of sister bakers, who love to make and decorate cakes. This has been a love of Shari’s for some time now and I enjoy creating works of art out of cake and icing. We have a selection of candies that we make too. Made to order recipies can be done as well. All of our stuff is homemade and local ( well to those who live in Emmaus and surrounding areas). We invite you to send us messages, tips and orders.  Most recently we featured a Fourth of July cake of Shari’s creation. It is an old classic, yes the traditional red, white and blue, made out of blue berries, strawberries and whipped cream. There is a twist…just for added experimentation we made it a heart shape, two-layer, red and blue cake.

Watch for more creations to come and some of our most recent cake features. Til then you can have your cake and eat it too!!!