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The holidays are over?

NEVER….life is a holiday…and even when it gets too hot to handle then you need to get out of the kitchen. Wait no get back in that kitchen. See it is January 6th, the Eve of Russian Christmas and [thank you twitter – @dominosugar]  National Shortbread Day!

National Shortbread Day January 6th

Perfect timing if you’ve gone into sugar overload and need need to cut back on the sweets. If you need a little history on Shortbread read here!  Domino sugar’s website {psst I used their powdered stuff by the 10 lbs – I make lots of frosting} has shortbread ideas.

So when you can’t take the heat…get out of the kitchen and plan your next holiday tasty treat. There are still more holidays and excuses to bake…Valentine’s Day, Easter etc etc and everyday is a birthday (depends on who you know). So Happy Shortbread Day!