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Fondant Frenzy: Belated birthday

Green fondant tiered birthday cake - designed by Ashley Transue

Okay, I am just going to be brave here. This cake that you see to the right was such a challenge and the end result – well if you follow the directions and take your time you will have a good one! However, a few weeks back, no, a few months back my niece came to me with a request or a thought! And I said ok. Her request for a special birthday cake was my task. Well life certainly handed me a big heaping task here.

Something I had never before attempted – the three tiered all fondant cake. I mean I am not the Cake Boss – I wonder if he is hiring though. Anyway, I agreed to this project and her design was so creative and unique. (I still am wondering what it is about all thes tween and teen cakes in green. ) And having taken the latest Wilton Fondant and Gum Paste class well I took on this challenge.  When I say I deviated from the “rules” I really did. (1) A cake that should have been 6″ 10″ 14″ or 8″ 12″ 16″ turned out to be 6″ 8″ 10″ just not enough room to mauver an off set stacked cake. (2) I still am wondering what was up with my marshmallow fondant – that is tricky stuff.

Another side of the cake

The end result was what you have seen pictured here. Not too bad at a first attempt to such an involved cake. Yet my choice to forgo using 4″ between tiers was simply because that was just too much cake for a belated event. I made my best attempt (thank goodness it was for a family member) and have made notes on “how to”, “not to”  and “maybe” for next time.  As always I welcome suggestions – Please comment!!!! 🙂

Some notes – the cake was covered in whipped butter cream icing and covered in green tinted, homemade marshmallow fondant. So I am wondering was it too soft – hard- airy – bubbly? Should I try fondarific next time or someother fondant? I promise I will do it and follow the directions next time and it is about time. I am going into my 2nd year of caking for a hobby/side business and I want to do it with all my efforts and do it well.

One little funny that I have to share – during the birthday candle sing along the fondant got a little toasted. YES Folks since it is marshmallow fondant it is flamable! So be careful with those birthday cakes. Oh and it was yummy too!

Fondant Fun and Fall Festive Cake

Hoo boy! Well it seems that this past 5 weeks has just flown right by. It seems like I just started this latest class in the Wilton line of cake decorating courses; last March I took Courses 1 & 2 Basic Cake Decorating with butter cream and royal icing. And now I have taken a mixture of Course 3 and Fondant and Gum Paste. It has been fun and very insightful for me.

Pink Fondant Cake

Marshmallow Fondant Cake from Summer 2009 - My FIRST EVER fondant cake

Not only was it my first fondant attempt but I also decided to experiment with the butter cream colors in the piping bag (hence the darker pink edges of the swirl flower boarder). Not too bad I might add.

However during the first productive class in Fondant and Gum Paste we learned that fondant options include covering the cake base as well. We also used gum paste glue to hold together the fondant draping that can also be done. All these added touches are optional and to each ones taste.  Since I wanted a seasonal theme – I mixed colors of purple, black and orange – sounds like Halloween. Yes I was going for more of a spooky theme (had I brought my cookie cutters to class it would have looked like a Halloween cake) but…….

...it looks more like a hat....yes....However it is all fondant covered

...it looks more like a hat....yes....However it is all fondant covered

All the elements are present; fondant covered base and cake, fondant draping & embossed  embellishments. It was my first try and I must add that my idea and my product did not match.

Anyway the third week into class was much better, we were really getting into playing with the fondant and preping and preparing fondant/gumpaste flowers for future cakes . This was really and insight into my previous Royal Icing classes….it was just not my choice to work with and the flowers get the same effect where they dry, harden like candy. And the products below are quite to my liking.

Pink Fantasy Flower & swirled vines, Carnation and Daisy

Pink Fantasy Flower & swirled vines, Carnation and Daisy

The daisy was one of my worst flowers to try with royal icing, the fondant cut and dry works so much better, is just as easy to transfer to the cake and has the same candy effect.

Bow & Package Cake 2

Fall themed package cake - completely covered and decorated with fondant

The last two classes have been just as insightful and I am able to see where my talent fits in and where more concentration is needed. The square covered cake with a fall theme came out pretty neat, you can also use Kool-Aid powder to color and flavor the fondant – I recommend it if you are using the Wilton fondant. However be sure to use alot more shortening, the  Koolaid powder will dry the fondant out.

Check back later on in the week, for a special on all fondant & butter cream flowers. The famous Wilton Rose will be featured.  Until then, happy caking and baking. Check out our Website for more cakes and info on Sweets & S’morsels end of the year offers.

September’s Featured Cake – Deer Hunting

So it is September already….and the air is fresh, crisp and cool. Although today seems a lot like Indian Summer…well in fact it is. So this months featured cake happens to be a Hunting Themed Bithday Cake. I am sure for the [deer] hunters in your lives November 30th cannot come soon enough. Click here for more on Pennsylvania’s hunting seasons.

Hunting Cake 9-12-09

Sweets & S'morsels' latest - a hunting themed cake

Until then a Hunting themed birthday or party cake will just have to do. This months cake is just that…a deer hunting scene. Before I continue folks….this is not an original idea of mine…the cake was [customer] chosen from ideas gained at Cake Central.com – where you can submit and gain cake decorating ideas. It was a life savor for me (I am new at this—totally green).

This cake is a variation a few cakes I viewed on CakeCentral.com website. So again, it isn’t totally original and it isn’t totally not mine. It ismy own variation. I used most of the idea submitted and then a few variations (ie. the ice cream cone Evergreen tree – upside down, green thin icing using Wilton leaf tip 67 and the fox). The rest is all (I guess what orinally was used in the cake model I used, pretzel logs and sticks for the stand, oreo? cookie dirt and graham craker base and tent (Yes Amy I should have listened to you when we were making Sandra’s birthday cake )- note to self or anyone who cakes…I mean, cares 🙂 —fruit roll ups are too soft and need to be frozen first…they don’t hold up well with tooth picks 😦 …. Anyway…

The only thing I always forget—-PIPING GEL…..yes be sure if you are doing grass or stand up leaves add piping gel to the icing. In any event, the cake came out beautifully and I will keep you posted on the customer reviews.

Tiger Lily Cake

Well here it is folks, the Featured Cake for August. See here at the cakery we love birthdays. Even more we love cake decorating. So this week is Sarah’s birthday. Sarah is a family friend. She is a great person, she loves people, she is quiet, friendly and well she likes the color orange.  So in the spirit of her “unrequest” for just an orange cake, we decided that we would try something different.  So we went with orange and black. Orange flowers and black vines. Two simple colors and Voilà!

Tiger Lily Cake

Sarah's 30th Birthday - Tiger Lily Cake

You have the “Tiger Lily Cake”.  If you don’t count the bottom border there are 30 flowers on the cake (oh and one for good luck)! Now I am suprised that this cake didn’t melt completely. It is still so hot here in the Lehigh Valley. But anyway this cake is a double layer white cake, with ganache fillinf in the center. If I had to do the cake over, I wold have included the piping gel to raise the mid sections of the flowers to make the tiger lily flowers just a bit more realistic. I coould add some green palm leaves but I may just have stuck with black palm leaves. I may do one again. But never the less. Happy 30th Birthday, Sarah!! I made you an “orange” Tiger Lily Cake. 


Welcome to the Cakery!!

Heart of America

July 2009 Featured Cake - The Heart of America

So welcome to Sweets & S’morsels Cakery(AKA “The Cakery”).

We’re just a couple of sister bakers, who love to make and decorate cakes. This has been a love of Shari’s for some time now and I enjoy creating works of art out of cake and icing. We have a selection of candies that we make too. Made to order recipies can be done as well. All of our stuff is homemade and local ( well to those who live in Emmaus and surrounding areas). We invite you to send us messages, tips and orders.  Most recently we featured a Fourth of July cake of Shari’s creation. It is an old classic, yes the traditional red, white and blue, made out of blue berries, strawberries and whipped cream. There is a twist…just for added experimentation we made it a heart shape, two-layer, red and blue cake.

Watch for more creations to come and some of our most recent cake features. Til then you can have your cake and eat it too!!!