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There are cakes on the way…..

Shari's Birthday Cake courtesy of Weis Markets

Greetings again! Yes after a long hiatus from caking I am starting to get a twinge in my sweet tooth or pastry thumb (you know like green thumb).  Ok I tried to make a joke it wasn’t funny 🙂 oh well. Anyhoo…I featured this yummy cake because – I wanted to. We had a birthday while we were cake less again and I wanted to share my birthday and my appreciation for the yummy and pretty cakes that call us from the bakery cases. 🙂

As some know I am working full time again and not in the cake industry but I will continue to share my cake baking and decorating passions with you from time to time. As spring decends upon us and the days are longer hopefully there will be more and more things that I can share with you. New recipies, cakes, cupcakes, pies  and more sweet things to satisfy your sweet tooth urges. Til then happy spring! And to cakes. Stay tuned and subscribed please – we have some birthdays on the horizon!