Shari Cakes


Shari - teacher, baker, cake decorator

Shari is a former preschool teacher and baker by love. She loves to bake and decorate cakes. She enjoyes learning more about cake baking and decorating to perfect her love of the trade.

Shari’s favorite shows that awe her (and make her cry sometimes) are Cake Boss and Amazing Wedding Cakes.  It would be so cool to work with some of these amazing people. Their cakes are works of art, literally. Sometime’s they don’t even look like cakes. They are amazing.

 Some of Shari’s favorite cakes are on gallery below.  This first cake was just simply amazing when it was done and Shari was shocked. It was the first cake ever sold. It took a long time to perfect, for a novice cake decorator.

The first cake I ever sold. I was even amazed at how well it turned out!
The first cake Shari ever sold, amazed her!

Some of the other cakes include different shaped pans, fondant, fruit decore,  filling and logos.  Some of the cake recipies have not been perfect but homemade is the goal. Less commercial recipies and homemade taste is important. Experimenting with color and icing texture and hand/eye skill is another task that Shari wishes to perfect and master. Opening up a cake and pastery shop is a dream hopefully to come to fruition in the very near future. Til then practicing and getting her name out there to all who love to “have their cake and eat it too” is the the plan for making this little dream a reality. Capitalizing on a talent that has been hidden for some time is the reality of Shari’s interest in cake decorating.  

Amy's birthday cake. Just a shaped pan from Wilton.
Amy’s birthday cake. Just a shaped pan from Wilton.

Wilton has loads of information and supplies for your cake decorating ideas. You can also check for classes at your local Michael’s or A.C.Moore stores.  Many cake and candy making classes are available.  Art is more than just the paint and paper it is for all who have a love for the beauty and esthetic pleasure of anything. You would be suprised at the amazing creations you can make out of just about anything.


Pink Marshmallow Fondant Cake

This is the first attempt at Marshmallow Fondant. There are a few recipies out there that can get you started on how to create a Marshmallow Fondant for your cake. One recipe is from Little Lady Cakes . If you are like Shari and need a more in depth or step by step guide to the kneading and rolling process here is another Marshmallow Fondant recipe from What’s Cooking America.

The Rosebud Cake
The Rosebud Cake

The Rosebud Cake was one of the most recently baked. Shari had never before really worked with the technique for making the rosebuds. The technique for te Wilton Rose though has been a favorite decoration that she had mastered. However, this time the experiementation was purely accidental, even down to the color of the icing. Proudly displayed the cake recipe and the icing went off with out a hitch. The cake came out great!There are many more cakes in Shari’s Gallery. Some better than others, but practice makes permanant and perfect when you enhance your skills and try new things. Scary? Yes. Stressful? Yes. Fun and rewarding? Yes. So. Keep trying and never give up. Have fun…LOVE what you do!

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