July 4th: Striped and sprinkled with blue and red

 Today is July 4th,2010, Independence Day – America’s Birthday. As man other countries do, we are celebrating our nation’s birthday. We are celebrating with fireworks, picnics, friends, family, food and cake. Yes, we always have cake at each and every events and then some. While this is similar to last year’s treat, it is not the same.

A different time, date, year and cake shall grace the July 4th festivities here amongst the friends and family of Sweets and S’morsels. Please check back after the fireworks and fun to get the “inside scoop” in this Sweets and S’morsels treat.

Happy Independence Day! Our July 4th treat was yet another heart shaped cake. Let’s face it….if you are celebrating on a day like this you love America – or at least you are fond of the principles set forth so many years ago. Life, liberty and freedom —simple goals and plans for early settlers who came to this great land. So a heart shaped cake was in order.

Complete with blueberries and strawberries this yummy treat was refershing and tasty. Topped with whipped cream blue and red sprinkle sugars and confetti stars. The suprise inside was a first time for me — Jello Poke Cake, and double layered at that as well. Using red and blue Jello, poke the top of the cake with a fork or the end of a wooden spoon and pour the Jello Mixture over the cake and chill. Having room to chill the cake is the key :-).

So the end result is a red (jello), white (cake) and blue (jello) suprise as you cut the cake. And Enjoy! Fun, food, friends, family and festivities. Blessing to all until the next cake. Happy Baking!

A very Cakery Christmas

Well, it has been a very busy holiday. We’ve been baking away here at Sweets & S’morsels Cakery (along with all of the ice cream cakes that have been decorated elsewhere). We baked a lot of kiffles, sugar cut outs, chocolate chip, peanut butter and festive cookies (Russian Tea cakes). I wish I could have shown you but they’ve all been eaten. However, we have two birthday’s this month.

Our first birthday was of course, Jesus. We made a chocolate cake with, strawberry cream cheese fill and frosted white. Because of the everlasting love and life that HE brings it is encircled in evergreen. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Jesus' Birthday Cake

We also made a holiday birthday cake for a family birthday. A smaller version of the Jesus’ birthday cake, whipped cream icing and poinsettia decoration.

Poinsettia Birthday Cake

It is a very Cakery Christmas here at Sweets & S’morsels – watch for our New Year’s Eve Birthday Cake…Happy Holidays!

What has become of the pumpkins sitting on the lawn?

Ever notice the pumpkins that become jack-o-lanterns – they get all saggy faced and shrivel up after they have been gleaming for a few days. And then what becomes of them? Just piles of rubbish? No…for years I have been putting these plump orange squash to good use. Large or small….you can carve them up something like this….

This ordinary field pumpkin can become a tasty dessert!

 Just an ordinary field pumpkin…can become a tasty dessert!Yes this year that leftover field pumpkin gave quite a bit of puree’ to turn into a tasty pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake and much much more!  Just as easy as carving a pumpkin just slice it up and cut off the orange rind/skin. It looks like chunks of cantaloupe, but you bake in a dish until tender and puree’. This medium sized pumpkin yielded about 12 cups of puree’ and then some…We’ll be able to make so much more than cake and pie. You may even be able to make soups, dinner side dishes and cookies out of these pumpkins. And with this year’s shortage of Libby’s canned pumpkin puree’ you ay need to put those plump little squashes to use for your holiday pies and cakes.

Cornucopia Cake - Made from fresh pumpkin puree'

You may have seen these ‘type’ cakes in stores and bakeries. But it is amazing witht he stroke of a hand how you can create with icing and gel coloring. You can easily check online websites for recipies and google pumpkin recipies for these great tasty treats!

September’s Featured Cake – Deer Hunting

So it is September already….and the air is fresh, crisp and cool. Although today seems a lot like Indian Summer…well in fact it is. So this months featured cake happens to be a Hunting Themed Bithday Cake. I am sure for the [deer] hunters in your lives November 30th cannot come soon enough. Click here for more on Pennsylvania’s hunting seasons.

Hunting Cake 9-12-09

Sweets & S'morsels' latest - a hunting themed cake

Until then a Hunting themed birthday or party cake will just have to do. This months cake is just that…a deer hunting scene. Before I continue folks….this is not an original idea of mine…the cake was [customer] chosen from ideas gained at Cake – where you can submit and gain cake decorating ideas. It was a life savor for me (I am new at this—totally green).

This cake is a variation a few cakes I viewed on website. So again, it isn’t totally original and it isn’t totally not mine. It ismy own variation. I used most of the idea submitted and then a few variations (ie. the ice cream cone Evergreen tree – upside down, green thin icing using Wilton leaf tip 67 and the fox). The rest is all (I guess what orinally was used in the cake model I used, pretzel logs and sticks for the stand, oreo? cookie dirt and graham craker base and tent (Yes Amy I should have listened to you when we were making Sandra’s birthday cake )- note to self or anyone who cakes…I mean, cares 🙂 —fruit roll ups are too soft and need to be frozen first…they don’t hold up well with tooth picks 😦 …. Anyway…

The only thing I always forget—-PIPING GEL…..yes be sure if you are doing grass or stand up leaves add piping gel to the icing. In any event, the cake came out beautifully and I will keep you posted on the customer reviews.

Tiger Lily Cake

Well here it is folks, the Featured Cake for August. See here at the cakery we love birthdays. Even more we love cake decorating. So this week is Sarah’s birthday. Sarah is a family friend. She is a great person, she loves people, she is quiet, friendly and well she likes the color orange.  So in the spirit of her “unrequest” for just an orange cake, we decided that we would try something different.  So we went with orange and black. Orange flowers and black vines. Two simple colors and Voilà!

Tiger Lily Cake

Sarah's 30th Birthday - Tiger Lily Cake

You have the “Tiger Lily Cake”.  If you don’t count the bottom border there are 30 flowers on the cake (oh and one for good luck)! Now I am suprised that this cake didn’t melt completely. It is still so hot here in the Lehigh Valley. But anyway this cake is a double layer white cake, with ganache fillinf in the center. If I had to do the cake over, I wold have included the piping gel to raise the mid sections of the flowers to make the tiger lily flowers just a bit more realistic. I coould add some green palm leaves but I may just have stuck with black palm leaves. I may do one again. But never the less. Happy 30th Birthday, Sarah!! I made you an “orange” Tiger Lily Cake. 


Welcome to the Cakery!!

Heart of America

July 2009 Featured Cake - The Heart of America

So welcome to Sweets & S’morsels Cakery(AKA “The Cakery”).

We’re just a couple of sister bakers, who love to make and decorate cakes. This has been a love of Shari’s for some time now and I enjoy creating works of art out of cake and icing. We have a selection of candies that we make too. Made to order recipies can be done as well. All of our stuff is homemade and local ( well to those who live in Emmaus and surrounding areas). We invite you to send us messages, tips and orders.  Most recently we featured a Fourth of July cake of Shari’s creation. It is an old classic, yes the traditional red, white and blue, made out of blue berries, strawberries and whipped cream. There is a twist…just for added experimentation we made it a heart shape, two-layer, red and blue cake.

Watch for more creations to come and some of our most recent cake features. Til then you can have your cake and eat it too!!!