I wish I had better cake news…..

I have been on a cake hiatus lately, sorry all. I did bake some cupcakes for Amy’s Birthday but we at them before I could photograph them. And I have been taking shortcuts with my cakes lately. I pride myself on the “homemade angle”. However, after a recent health issue and working full-time I gave myself a shortcut. I went to work on Sunday baking a cake for Mother’s Day. It was going to be a Cake two-tier heart-shaped because Mothers are love. I had it all visioned. One large heart and one small heart iced and flowered touting “Happy Mother’s Day”.

The cake was all baked, I use parchment paper to line the pans it makes flipping and releasing so much easier. I inverted the first cake and pulled the paper up and noticed something hard and dark in the cake. ???? Wondering what it was I set out to take it out of the cake. I hadn’t used nuts of anything in the cake. I dug out two pieces of glass from one of the cake.

Horrified I took more pictures...

Yes, I have contacted the company. I do not wish to disparage any company via blog, or internet (I tweeted about it – out of concern). I and many other people have used this companies products in the past. I am just looking for some concern and food safety upgrades and better quality control and checking.

It was a Duncan Hines boxed cake mix Classic Yellow Moist deluxe. If you’d like to know more about it contact me directly – I’m not going to go into a tangent here. But seriously food safety is a concern. This has happened recently in Canada with a Duncan Hines cake mix. The only good thing is no one ate the cake at all so, thank goodness no one was hurt.

So people please be safe and maybe check your mix before adding the water-eggs and oil.