July 4th: Striped and sprinkled with blue and red

 Today is July 4th,2010, Independence Day – America’s Birthday. As man other countries do, we are celebrating our nation’s birthday. We are celebrating with fireworks, picnics, friends, family, food and cake. Yes, we always have cake at each and every events and then some. While this is similar to last year’s treat, it is not the same.

A different time, date, year and cake shall grace the July 4th festivities here amongst the friends and family of Sweets and S’morsels. Please check back after the fireworks and fun to get the “inside scoop” in this Sweets and S’morsels treat.

Happy Independence Day! Our July 4th treat was yet another heart shaped cake. Let’s face it….if you are celebrating on a day like this you love America – or at least you are fond of the principles set forth so many years ago. Life, liberty and freedom —simple goals and plans for early settlers who came to this great land. So a heart shaped cake was in order.

Complete with blueberries and strawberries this yummy treat was refershing and tasty. Topped with whipped cream blue and red sprinkle sugars and confetti stars. The suprise inside was a first time for me — Jello Poke Cake, and double layered at that as well. Using red and blue Jello, poke the top of the cake with a fork or the end of a wooden spoon and pour the Jello Mixture over the cake and chill. Having room to chill the cake is the key :-).

So the end result is a red (jello), white (cake) and blue (jello) suprise as you cut the cake. And Enjoy! Fun, food, friends, family and festivities. Blessing to all until the next cake. Happy Baking!

A dollop of daisies and ‘love buds’ for Mom

So here it is, Mother’s Day – has come and gone – and in my struggle to find the best cake for my mother I ended up with something unexpected. Since I had been under the weather – actually just exhausted from the past few weeks – I wanted something simple. Because I knew that Mom would want something simple. If I had asked her she’d have said a flavor and color nothing fancy. So….as I thought about what I would do. I remembered…….I had two chocolate mini heart cakes still in the freezer from Pat’s Shamrock Birthday Cake – 1 star. I also still had some white, pink and purple icing in the freezer – 3 stars. Now for something fancy – into the cupboard there sat a box of Instant Pudding Chocolate Fudge 2 cups of milk and 2 minutes to whisk – 1 star. Then I went to take a ShariCakes cat nap and read a bit.  

 So, I awoke from my nap and went to work whisking the pudding up to chill, frosting and piecing together my Mother’s Day surprise. It literally just went together, although, small cakes are easy to manage sheet cakes however can be tricky. But this little cake was a charm to put together, frost and decorate…until I realized I was out of green icing for the bud stems. I knew Mom wouldn’t care – so I did the next best thing I could think of…….SPRINKLES. Yes I have a ton of colored sugar in the cupboard as well. So I dusted the cake with some pinks and some greens (in case you thought I went nuts with some abstract flower cake :-).  And our result was….  

"Oh, Happy Birthday" - Mom "Uh, um" - ShariCakes "Mother's Day"-Mom

Yes, as Mom saw the cake – She said Happy Birthday and I was worried for a bit but yes I guess without a birthday or two or three or four – there would be no Mother’s Day. So after a (well okay for a novice and tired cook) steak dinner with rice and veggies we enjoyed this pink chocolate little gem. Complete with a dozen purple “love buds” for Mom. It was simply small, simple and yummy. 

Daisy Wedding Shower Cake


More than a Dollop of Daisies
So the equator decided to visit Northeastern/Southeastern Pennsylvania two weeks ago – I guess what I am saying is, well it was hot. Yeah it was scorching hot and I had this half sheet cake to make for a wedding shower. I knew that it was going to be vanilla and chocolate with that ganache inside. So I needed a cool place to make my cake. My house is bone chilling in the winter and hot, hot, hot in the summer. Very little air flow so having and oven going all day was not a good idea with a ganache filled cake. So I carted my kitchen – yes literally everything but the kitchen sink to my friends Amy and Sarah to make this cake in the AC/Central Air. It was small and a bit difficult but it came together in the end. The cake seemed bigger that the apartment however, it was able to set well and I was in the company of good friends and it turns out they love daisies too.  So in then end we ended up with more than a dollop of daisy – we ended up with a cake covered with daisies. And Congratulations to Monica and Eric – on thier upcoming wedding celebration.

Spring Sweets

Easter was not forgotten here at Sweets & S’morsels – it was just crazy. However we managed to serve a special treat on Easter Sunday. Complete with LOTS of icing decore.

After a very busy week – of eggs, bunnies and more – what we needed was a simple, tasteful and sweet treat. Spring had sprung and all the pastels we bursting with joy and delight. So I took my oval shaped pans (usually used to make baskets, but I have used it for footballs too!) and went for an “egg-cellent” theme. The cake was a simple strawberry cake for a spring flavor, rather than yellow, chocolate all the time.  It was frosted it in white and then going to the decorating with purple trim, rosebuds and topped with a rose.

A complete, Easter treat!


With the eggs colore so brightly (we used red onion skins for a few of them), the daffodils, the tulips and the hyacinths we had a sweet spring Easter Sunday.
The ham dinner, with all the fixings – sweets potatos, green beans and salad – made for a perfect afternoon meal.
The day of course was completed only with a slice of strawberry cake.  After a day of family, laughter, warm sun, spring air, a wonderful dinner and peace – a s’morsel was all that was needed. I hope your Easter was blessed and that your spring will be warm, sunny and sweet!


Valentine’s Day: Sweets for Your “Sweetie”

I was inspired this Valentine's Day by the pastel colors of "Conversation Hearts"

So this Valentine’s Day I was truly inspired – I use inspired very loosly. But I was. I wish that all of the creative thoughts and ideas that run through my head could be tangibly produced like magic – sigh if I only had a magic wand. Well I don’t so I need to use my best talents, try my best and learn from mistakes and try again.

So this holiday I was looking to make a non traditional sweet. I thought of the conversation hearts – I love conversation (ask anyone) I am verbal right down to my very being and am rarely quiet. 

I decided that making conversation heart ‘mini’ cup cakes would be a fantastic idea not to mention a conversation “piece of cake”! I took a regular yellow cake recipe and let “Ebony” get to work mixing the batter and frosting (using @dominosugar powdered sugar). I even took my Wilton gels out and tinted the cake batter, poured into the cupcake heart molds and baked away. Well the thought was sweet but much more work than my fussy hands could ice ~sigh~ again. I ended up just sticking little conversation hearts atop the frosted mini cake hearts and eating a few in the process.

Voila! A sweet for your sweetie!

Alas! I had a sweet idea and it just didn’t come out like I had pictured it. But the cakes are very tasty! I guess this is a time to say “its the thought that counts”! I still am looking for the “presentation is everything” part though. Anyway. I do hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day.  And I hope yesterday, today and tomorrow will be filled with love, laughter and nothing but sweet memories – and s’morsels for you to savor and enjoy!

Don’t stop the love – Valentine’s Day might be over and OWOH 2010 has come to a close but there is still plenty of love left to go around (and I have plenty of colorful cupcakes left too)!

Pop on over to the Sweet Little Reads at Miss Shari’s Storytime and Allentown Children’s Books Examiner for even more heartfelt stories and circletime chat! ❤ Lots of Love and Luck!!! ❤


Cake Fun: Happy Groundhog Day

Well it was all excitement and fun today in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania; the Groundhog Day festivities were in full swing. And of course our pal Phil was at his weather work as usual. “Six more weeks of winter” he says, “Now take me back to the library, it’s cold out here!” Yes Punxsutawney Phil is not your average groundhog, he is a local (national and international) celebrity! He is just fine to hang out at the Punxsutawney Library and Groundhog Zoo all year with his special friend and make his yearly apprearance on February 2nd.

Some of us were celebrating this unique event a bit before today. Thanks to the folks at Fezell’s Country Market – Sweets & S’morsels Cakery plus friends had a great day of cupcaking and cookie baking in preparations for the Groundhog Day event!  With a batch a chocoalte “groundhog” cupcakes  and “groundhog” shaped sugar cut out cookies, Groundhog Day will be a blast!

Chocolate "groundhog" cupcakes with lots of frosting cheeks and hair

'Phil' and friends cupcakes for Groundhog Day

Whether its coffee/tea and cake or cookies and milk, warm up – we’ve got six more weeks of winter ahead. Enjoy your Groundhog Day celebration. And don’t worry Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the “cakery” has a load of birthday’s to post about too! So they’ll be even more candy, cake, sweets and s’morsels!

Groundhog or meerkat/prairie dog cut out cookies!

One World, One Heart: Win a wonderful Wilton pan pack “plus”

 OK here we go the winner of the OWOH 2010 Wilton pan pack “plus” is #30 – Shirley Van der Veldt see her cool blog here

Thanks again for all your kind comments and visits. It was a fun, exciting and tiring trip. But we all made it come back and visit and I will do the same! 

COMMENTS on this giveaway are now closed – the winner will be announced at 1:oopm EST tomorrow 2/15/2010. Thank you for your participation! 🙂

To “cake off” the lovely month of February – Sweets & S’morsels Cakery is joining the One World, One Heart Event giveaway! In appreciation for all your visits to the cakery we are giving away this wonderful Wilton pan pak plus two handy cake decorating books.

Wonderful Wilton pan set with an added touch of love ❤

The set includes (1) 8″ square cake pan, (1) 8″ round cake pan, (1) pink silicon flexi heart shaped pan, a Wilton beginners decorating guide and a Cake Mix Magic recipe guide.  It is everything you need to get your cake decorating started – all you need are the ingredients and the decorating tips :-).

Rules for entry are  ” a piece of cake” – just leave a comment here on this post here at Sweets & S’morsels Cakery blog and include with it your favorite kind of cake. My favorite kind of cake is chocolate any kind of chocolate 🙂 I will make sure that you are entered! The winner will of course be announced on February 15th. Via twitter or email. Visit Miss Shari’s Storytime for another posh giveaway!

Contact me if you have any further questions – or Twitter @ShariCakes.

UPDATE: The OWOH Winner will be announced at 1PM EST on FEB 15th the comments will close at 11:59PM EST 2/14/10. SO get your entries in. ALSO please  make sure you have listed an email, twitter or blog address for yourself so I can contact you. So far so good! If you do not want your email published in the comment please let me know – it will only be visible to me via comment moderation page!  Thank you and Happy Valentines Day!