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A dollop of daisies and ‘love buds’ for Mom

So here it is, Mother’s Day – has come and gone – and in my struggle to find the best cake for my mother I ended up with something unexpected. Since I had been under the weather – actually just exhausted from the past few weeks – I wanted something simple. Because I knew that Mom would want something simple. If I had asked her she’d have said a flavor and color nothing fancy. So….as I thought about what I would do. I remembered…….I had two chocolate mini heart cakes still in the freezer from Pat’s Shamrock Birthday Cake – 1 star. I also still had some white, pink and purple icing in the freezer – 3 stars. Now for something fancy – into the cupboard there sat a box of Instant Pudding Chocolate Fudge 2 cups of milk and 2 minutes to whisk – 1 star. Then I went to take a ShariCakes cat nap and read a bit.  

 So, I awoke from my nap and went to work whisking the pudding up to chill, frosting and piecing together my Mother’s Day surprise. It literally just went together, although, small cakes are easy to manage sheet cakes however can be tricky. But this little cake was a charm to put together, frost and decorate…until I realized I was out of green icing for the bud stems. I knew Mom wouldn’t care – so I did the next best thing I could think of…….SPRINKLES. Yes I have a ton of colored sugar in the cupboard as well. So I dusted the cake with some pinks and some greens (in case you thought I went nuts with some abstract flower cake :-).  And our result was….  

"Oh, Happy Birthday" - Mom "Uh, um" - ShariCakes "Mother's Day"-Mom

Yes, as Mom saw the cake – She said Happy Birthday and I was worried for a bit but yes I guess without a birthday or two or three or four – there would be no Mother’s Day. So after a (well okay for a novice and tired cook) steak dinner with rice and veggies we enjoyed this pink chocolate little gem. Complete with a dozen purple “love buds” for Mom. It was simply small, simple and yummy. 

Daisy Wedding Shower Cake


More than a Dollop of Daisies
So the equator decided to visit Northeastern/Southeastern Pennsylvania two weeks ago – I guess what I am saying is, well it was hot. Yeah it was scorching hot and I had this half sheet cake to make for a wedding shower. I knew that it was going to be vanilla and chocolate with that ganache inside. So I needed a cool place to make my cake. My house is bone chilling in the winter and hot, hot, hot in the summer. Very little air flow so having and oven going all day was not a good idea with a ganache filled cake. So I carted my kitchen – yes literally everything but the kitchen sink to my friends Amy and Sarah to make this cake in the AC/Central Air. It was small and a bit difficult but it came together in the end. The cake seemed bigger that the apartment however, it was able to set well and I was in the company of good friends and it turns out they love daisies too.  So in then end we ended up with more than a dollop of daisy – we ended up with a cake covered with daisies. And Congratulations to Monica and Eric – on thier upcoming wedding celebration.