Spring Sweets

Easter was not forgotten here at Sweets & S’morsels – it was just crazy. However we managed to serve a special treat on Easter Sunday. Complete with LOTS of icing decore.

After a very busy week – of eggs, bunnies and more – what we needed was a simple, tasteful and sweet treat. Spring had sprung and all the pastels we bursting with joy and delight. So I took my oval shaped pans (usually used to make baskets, but I have used it for footballs too!) and went for an “egg-cellent” theme. The cake was a simple strawberry cake for a spring flavor, rather than yellow, chocolate all the time.  It was frosted it in white and then going to the decorating with purple trim, rosebuds and topped with a rose.

A complete, Easter treat!


With the eggs colore so brightly (we used red onion skins for a few of them), the daffodils, the tulips and the hyacinths we had a sweet spring Easter Sunday.
The ham dinner, with all the fixings – sweets potatos, green beans and salad – made for a perfect afternoon meal.
The day of course was completed only with a slice of strawberry cake.  After a day of family, laughter, warm sun, spring air, a wonderful dinner and peace – a s’morsel was all that was needed. I hope your Easter was blessed and that your spring will be warm, sunny and sweet!


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