Valentine’s Day: Sweets for Your “Sweetie”

I was inspired this Valentine's Day by the pastel colors of "Conversation Hearts"

So this Valentine’s Day I was truly inspired – I use inspired very loosly. But I was. I wish that all of the creative thoughts and ideas that run through my head could be tangibly produced like magic – sigh if I only had a magic wand. Well I don’t so I need to use my best talents, try my best and learn from mistakes and try again.

So this holiday I was looking to make a non traditional sweet. I thought of the conversation hearts – I love conversation (ask anyone) I am verbal right down to my very being and am rarely quiet. 

I decided that making conversation heart ‘mini’ cup cakes would be a fantastic idea not to mention a conversation “piece of cake”! I took a regular yellow cake recipe and let “Ebony” get to work mixing the batter and frosting (using @dominosugar powdered sugar). I even took my Wilton gels out and tinted the cake batter, poured into the cupcake heart molds and baked away. Well the thought was sweet but much more work than my fussy hands could ice ~sigh~ again. I ended up just sticking little conversation hearts atop the frosted mini cake hearts and eating a few in the process.

Voila! A sweet for your sweetie!

Alas! I had a sweet idea and it just didn’t come out like I had pictured it. But the cakes are very tasty! I guess this is a time to say “its the thought that counts”! I still am looking for the “presentation is everything” part though. Anyway. I do hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day.  And I hope yesterday, today and tomorrow will be filled with love, laughter and nothing but sweet memories – and s’morsels for you to savor and enjoy!

Don’t stop the love – Valentine’s Day might be over and OWOH 2010 has come to a close but there is still plenty of love left to go around (and I have plenty of colorful cupcakes left too)!

Pop on over to the Sweet Little Reads at Miss Shari’s Storytime and Allentown Children’s Books Examiner for even more heartfelt stories and circletime chat! ❤ Lots of Love and Luck!!! ❤


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