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Fondant Frenzy: Belated birthday

Green fondant tiered birthday cake - designed by Ashley Transue

Okay, I am just going to be brave here. This cake that you see to the right was such a challenge and the end result – well if you follow the directions and take your time you will have a good one! However, a few weeks back, no, a few months back my niece came to me with a request or a thought! And I said ok. Her request for a special birthday cake was my task. Well life certainly handed me a big heaping task here.

Something I had never before attempted – the three tiered all fondant cake. I mean I am not the Cake Boss – I wonder if he is hiring though. Anyway, I agreed to this project and her design was so creative and unique. (I still am wondering what it is about all thes tween and teen cakes in green. ) And having taken the latest Wilton Fondant and Gum Paste class well I took on this challenge.  When I say I deviated from the “rules” I really did. (1) A cake that should have been 6″ 10″ 14″ or 8″ 12″ 16″ turned out to be 6″ 8″ 10″ just not enough room to mauver an off set stacked cake. (2) I still am wondering what was up with my marshmallow fondant – that is tricky stuff.

Another side of the cake

The end result was what you have seen pictured here. Not too bad at a first attempt to such an involved cake. Yet my choice to forgo using 4″ between tiers was simply because that was just too much cake for a belated event. I made my best attempt (thank goodness it was for a family member) and have made notes on “how to”, “not to”  and “maybe” for next time.  As always I welcome suggestions – Please comment!!!! 🙂

Some notes – the cake was covered in whipped butter cream icing and covered in green tinted, homemade marshmallow fondant. So I am wondering was it too soft – hard- airy – bubbly? Should I try fondarific next time or someother fondant? I promise I will do it and follow the directions next time and it is about time. I am going into my 2nd year of caking for a hobby/side business and I want to do it with all my efforts and do it well.

One little funny that I have to share – during the birthday candle sing along the fondant got a little toasted. YES Folks since it is marshmallow fondant it is flamable! So be careful with those birthday cakes. Oh and it was yummy too!

Valentine’s Day: Sweets for Your “Sweetie”

I was inspired this Valentine's Day by the pastel colors of "Conversation Hearts"

So this Valentine’s Day I was truly inspired – I use inspired very loosly. But I was. I wish that all of the creative thoughts and ideas that run through my head could be tangibly produced like magic – sigh if I only had a magic wand. Well I don’t so I need to use my best talents, try my best and learn from mistakes and try again.

So this holiday I was looking to make a non traditional sweet. I thought of the conversation hearts – I love conversation (ask anyone) I am verbal right down to my very being and am rarely quiet. 

I decided that making conversation heart ‘mini’ cup cakes would be a fantastic idea not to mention a conversation “piece of cake”! I took a regular yellow cake recipe and let “Ebony” get to work mixing the batter and frosting (using @dominosugar powdered sugar). I even took my Wilton gels out and tinted the cake batter, poured into the cupcake heart molds and baked away. Well the thought was sweet but much more work than my fussy hands could ice ~sigh~ again. I ended up just sticking little conversation hearts atop the frosted mini cake hearts and eating a few in the process.

Voila! A sweet for your sweetie!

Alas! I had a sweet idea and it just didn’t come out like I had pictured it. But the cakes are very tasty! I guess this is a time to say “its the thought that counts”! I still am looking for the “presentation is everything” part though. Anyway. I do hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day.  And I hope yesterday, today and tomorrow will be filled with love, laughter and nothing but sweet memories – and s’morsels for you to savor and enjoy!

Don’t stop the love – Valentine’s Day might be over and OWOH 2010 has come to a close but there is still plenty of love left to go around (and I have plenty of colorful cupcakes left too)!

Pop on over to the Sweet Little Reads at Miss Shari’s Storytime and Allentown Children’s Books Examiner for even more heartfelt stories and circletime chat! ❤ Lots of Love and Luck!!! ❤


Cake Fun: Happy Groundhog Day

Well it was all excitement and fun today in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania; the Groundhog Day festivities were in full swing. And of course our pal Phil was at his weather work as usual. “Six more weeks of winter” he says, “Now take me back to the library, it’s cold out here!” Yes Punxsutawney Phil is not your average groundhog, he is a local (national and international) celebrity! He is just fine to hang out at the Punxsutawney Library and Groundhog Zoo all year with his special friend and make his yearly apprearance on February 2nd.

Some of us were celebrating this unique event a bit before today. Thanks to the folks at Fezell’s Country Market – Sweets & S’morsels Cakery plus friends had a great day of cupcaking and cookie baking in preparations for the Groundhog Day event!  With a batch a chocoalte “groundhog” cupcakes  and “groundhog” shaped sugar cut out cookies, Groundhog Day will be a blast!

Chocolate "groundhog" cupcakes with lots of frosting cheeks and hair

'Phil' and friends cupcakes for Groundhog Day

Whether its coffee/tea and cake or cookies and milk, warm up – we’ve got six more weeks of winter ahead. Enjoy your Groundhog Day celebration. And don’t worry Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the “cakery” has a load of birthday’s to post about too! So they’ll be even more candy, cake, sweets and s’morsels!

Groundhog or meerkat/prairie dog cut out cookies!

One World, One Heart: Win a wonderful Wilton pan pack “plus”

 OK here we go the winner of the OWOH 2010 Wilton pan pack “plus” is #30 – Shirley Van der Veldt see her cool blog here

Thanks again for all your kind comments and visits. It was a fun, exciting and tiring trip. But we all made it come back and visit and I will do the same! 

COMMENTS on this giveaway are now closed – the winner will be announced at 1:oopm EST tomorrow 2/15/2010. Thank you for your participation! 🙂

To “cake off” the lovely month of February – Sweets & S’morsels Cakery is joining the One World, One Heart Event giveaway! In appreciation for all your visits to the cakery we are giving away this wonderful Wilton pan pak plus two handy cake decorating books.

Wonderful Wilton pan set with an added touch of love ❤

The set includes (1) 8″ square cake pan, (1) 8″ round cake pan, (1) pink silicon flexi heart shaped pan, a Wilton beginners decorating guide and a Cake Mix Magic recipe guide.  It is everything you need to get your cake decorating started – all you need are the ingredients and the decorating tips :-).

Rules for entry are  ” a piece of cake” – just leave a comment here on this post here at Sweets & S’morsels Cakery blog and include with it your favorite kind of cake. My favorite kind of cake is chocolate any kind of chocolate 🙂 I will make sure that you are entered! The winner will of course be announced on February 15th. Via twitter or email. Visit Miss Shari’s Storytime for another posh giveaway!

Contact me if you have any further questions – or Twitter @ShariCakes.

UPDATE: The OWOH Winner will be announced at 1PM EST on FEB 15th the comments will close at 11:59PM EST 2/14/10. SO get your entries in. ALSO please  make sure you have listed an email, twitter or blog address for yourself so I can contact you. So far so good! If you do not want your email published in the comment please let me know – it will only be visible to me via comment moderation page!  Thank you and Happy Valentines Day!