Kids in the Kitchen: Lemon Whip by Razvan

Lemon Whip by Razvan, adapted by Deborah Stupple

Gather the kids and let the baking begin. Surely over the holidays and , well, any day really your kids will want cake, candy, cookies and sweets. So if they’re in the mood to bake, you’re trying to motivate them or you have some time while your cakes are in the oven – see if you can get your hands on this sweet little tale.

Over the summer I came across this [rare] little tale. As, I flipped though the colorful pages and read the cute little rhymes – I smiled. It was  definatley a sweet treat. These are the food for thought or “Cake for Thought” books that I post here on Sweets and S’morsel’s Cakery Blog page. And if you didn’t know already, I love kids books, fun, craftical things and teaching preschool – sweets and treats are there somewhere in the mix of it all . 

If your days are down and you are ready to lose it – take a trip with Lemon Whip. Perfect for ones, twos and threes – this cute whimsical story is charming, “sweet” and colorful. Play some pat-a-cake afterward or just bake a cake.  Brighten up your day and laugh with this lusious, literary tale.

Try out Disney’s Family Fun Recipe site: Lemon Cake Recipe and more. It’ll tie the whole theme together. Also @domino sugar has a Lemony Suprise too!

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