A very Cakery Christmas

Well, it has been a very busy holiday. We’ve been baking away here at Sweets & S’morsels Cakery (along with all of the ice cream cakes that have been decorated elsewhere). We baked a lot of kiffles, sugar cut outs, chocolate chip, peanut butter and festive cookies (Russian Tea cakes). I wish I could have shown you but they’ve all been eaten. However, we have two birthday’s this month.

Our first birthday was of course, Jesus. We made a chocolate cake with, strawberry cream cheese fill and frosted white. Because of the everlasting love and life that HE brings it is encircled in evergreen. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Jesus' Birthday Cake

We also made a holiday birthday cake for a family birthday. A smaller version of the Jesus’ birthday cake, whipped cream icing and poinsettia decoration.

Poinsettia Birthday Cake

It is a very Cakery Christmas here at Sweets & S’morsels – watch for our New Year’s Eve Birthday Cake…Happy Holidays!

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