Fantastic, Fall, Football birthday cake

Well it is time for another birthday and Sweets and S’morsels is geared up and ready to eat cake. Well we did bake it already. Shari was busy today baking and simple chocolate cake. Just by looking at a simple oval shaped pan the idea clicked. See it is my brother, Mark’s, birthday today. And I was unsure as to what team etc etc to gear the theme toward. In my haste and panic I finally decided what I would do…….

Football CakeMarkBday 001

Football shaped startip chocolate birthday cake

Simple as that, just using and oval shaped pan (I don’t have a football mold) and chocolate and white butter cream icing. You can turn a regular cake into a “football”. So Happy Birthday, Mark.

3 thoughts on “Fantastic, Fall, Football birthday cake

  1. Thanks so much, Brandy. I appreciate the visit to Sweets & S’morsels Cakery blog. It was quite simple to make using an oval shaped pan and then the star tip fill in. It tasted awesome too. 🙂

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