Fondant Fun and Fall Festive Cake

Hoo boy! Well it seems that this past 5 weeks has just flown right by. It seems like I just started this latest class in the Wilton line of cake decorating courses; last March I took Courses 1 & 2 Basic Cake Decorating with butter cream and royal icing. And now I have taken a mixture of Course 3 and Fondant and Gum Paste. It has been fun and very insightful for me.

Pink Fondant Cake

Marshmallow Fondant Cake from Summer 2009 - My FIRST EVER fondant cake

Not only was it my first fondant attempt but I also decided to experiment with the butter cream colors in the piping bag (hence the darker pink edges of the swirl flower boarder). Not too bad I might add.

However during the first productive class in Fondant and Gum Paste we learned that fondant options include covering the cake base as well. We also used gum paste glue to hold together the fondant draping that can also be done. All these added touches are optional and to each ones taste.  Since I wanted a seasonal theme – I mixed colors of purple, black and orange – sounds like Halloween. Yes I was going for more of a spooky theme (had I brought my cookie cutters to class it would have looked like a Halloween cake) but……. looks more like a hat....yes....However it is all fondant covered looks more like a hat....yes....However it is all fondant covered

All the elements are present; fondant covered base and cake, fondant draping & embossed  embellishments. It was my first try and I must add that my idea and my product did not match.

Anyway the third week into class was much better, we were really getting into playing with the fondant and preping and preparing fondant/gumpaste flowers for future cakes . This was really and insight into my previous Royal Icing classes….it was just not my choice to work with and the flowers get the same effect where they dry, harden like candy. And the products below are quite to my liking.

Pink Fantasy Flower & swirled vines, Carnation and Daisy

Pink Fantasy Flower & swirled vines, Carnation and Daisy

The daisy was one of my worst flowers to try with royal icing, the fondant cut and dry works so much better, is just as easy to transfer to the cake and has the same candy effect.

Bow & Package Cake 2

Fall themed package cake - completely covered and decorated with fondant

The last two classes have been just as insightful and I am able to see where my talent fits in and where more concentration is needed. The square covered cake with a fall theme came out pretty neat, you can also use Kool-Aid powder to color and flavor the fondant – I recommend it if you are using the Wilton fondant. However be sure to use alot more shortening, the  Koolaid powder will dry the fondant out.

Check back later on in the week, for a special on all fondant & butter cream flowers. The famous Wilton Rose will be featured.  Until then, happy caking and baking. Check out our Website for more cakes and info on Sweets & S’morsels end of the year offers.

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