September’s Featured Cake – Deer Hunting

So it is September already….and the air is fresh, crisp and cool. Although today seems a lot like Indian Summer…well in fact it is. So this months featured cake happens to be a Hunting Themed Bithday Cake. I am sure for the [deer] hunters in your lives November 30th cannot come soon enough. Click here for more on Pennsylvania’s hunting seasons.

Hunting Cake 9-12-09

Sweets & S'morsels' latest - a hunting themed cake

Until then a Hunting themed birthday or party cake will just have to do. This months cake is just that…a deer hunting scene. Before I continue folks….this is not an original idea of mine…the cake was [customer] chosen from ideas gained at Cake – where you can submit and gain cake decorating ideas. It was a life savor for me (I am new at this—totally green).

This cake is a variation a few cakes I viewed on website. So again, it isn’t totally original and it isn’t totally not mine. It ismy own variation. I used most of the idea submitted and then a few variations (ie. the ice cream cone Evergreen tree – upside down, green thin icing using Wilton leaf tip 67 and the fox). The rest is all (I guess what orinally was used in the cake model I used, pretzel logs and sticks for the stand, oreo? cookie dirt and graham craker base and tent (Yes Amy I should have listened to you when we were making Sandra’s birthday cake )- note to self or anyone who cakes…I mean, cares 🙂 —fruit roll ups are too soft and need to be frozen first…they don’t hold up well with tooth picks 😦 …. Anyway…

The only thing I always forget—-PIPING GEL…..yes be sure if you are doing grass or stand up leaves add piping gel to the icing. In any event, the cake came out beautifully and I will keep you posted on the customer reviews.

One thought on “September’s Featured Cake – Deer Hunting

  1. You live; you learn! Sandra’s camping cake was awesome. This is great though….I love this cake. I had no idea it was so complex. I especially like the fox because I told Sandra she should get him (after I tried to get her to buy a Corgi) and the fire. Great job, Shari!

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