Having “caker’s” block? Try a Chocolate Beach getaway

So, this might seem strange…this is a cake and candy blog…but everyone who loves cake must also seriously love chocolate. Well I do anyway. So during all the stress and heat of this summer, when I was trying to make this cake business take off…I had caker’s block. At least that is what I call it. So I lost myself in a book; a book I bought just because of the name. Chocolate Beach by Julie Carobini is the name of this book.

Chocolate Beach by Julie Carobini

Chocolate Beach by Julie Carobini

So, again this may seem weird but I loved this book. This summer has been almost life changing and for me to be able to get lost in and relate to a fictional novel was just amazing.

Tha main character, Bre Stone, has things pretty good, she lives by the beach, she has a fun job, a great best friend and an adoring husband. After a few comments from friends, relatives and perfect strangers alike, she starts to believe that maybe her job is a joke, maybe her husband is no longer interested in her carefree and wacky ways….maybe everything needs to change.

In the middle of all this chaos, she decides that it all needs to change. Her job, her look, her house…everything needs a complete overhaul. The part I identified most with was her encounter with a posting Chocolate Cooking Classes- by the Sea!  It kind of reminded me of the recent undertaking of mine, to take cake decorating classes and turn it not only into skill but a life long dream and business.  I could relate, I had never thought of cake decorating or making it a full time business, never the less I did it.

I am well on my way to making that dream a reality and I can’t wait to do more. The rest of  my life, however, well just like Brianna Stone,  is ok. And things can remain the way they are, I don’t need a complete overhaul. My house is lived in and there is family there, my friends and family love me and I love them. My Steve, loves me just the way I am.  And my work and career aspirations will continue to blossom. Just as in Isaiah 40:31 I will wait upon the Lord, and I will be renewed in strength; and I will rise up as something new.  All of this in God’s time.Even though this has been a life changing summer, I will wait. And only more good things can come my way. Watch for more “cake” for thought book essays. God Bless.

4 thoughts on “Having “caker’s” block? Try a Chocolate Beach getaway

  1. On a serious note, it’s been really awesome to see the progression of your cake making. I mean, first you were making frosting flowers and now you’re making beautiful “Tiger Lily” cakes. Not only that, but I think you’re growing more and more as a lady of the Lord and I’ve enjoyed our talks, the Bad Girls study, and all our laughing together. You’re a great friend and I know that the Lord *does* have amazing plans for your life.

  2. It really was a good book. I truly enjoyed reading it and just for myself. I felt better after I read it. So I am slowly getting through “Truffles by the Sea.” I have been so busy. It is good to get lost in another perspective.

  3. Hey Shari, Thanks for stopping by my site. So glad you enjoyed Chocolate Beach! I ate more chocolate during the writing of that book than I have since.

    Love, love, LOVE the cakes, btw. Wondering if your purse cake comes in Coach? ;D

    Take care–Julie Carobini

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