Camping Cake Fun!

Well last month was very busy…well for a small home based cakery it would be…. haa ha. Anyway, we had a birthday last month. It was Sandra’s Birthday yes and she requested a multitude of things for her cake……yes it is a very  crude  example of my work….it worked…she loved it. She requested a red velvet cake with whipped cream frosting and yes she wanted a camping scene on it…so that is what she got. 

It is complete with pretzel log benches, a pretzel bridge, a blue piping gel stream with fish & ducks, a frosting fire and a fruit roll up tent and sleeping bags. The only thing missing…were the people. Maybe next time I can create some stick figures or maybe some molding chocolate people. Anyway with some help from friends, Sarah and Amy,  it came out great and it was a big hit.

Sandra's Birthday 2009 001

Camping Scene - All edible

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